1948 - 1952
Principal - J. W. Ramsey

featuring some future members of the WHS Class of 1960

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FIRST GRADE  1948-1949  --  teacher Lucy Muscatello
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SECOND GRADE 1949-1950  --  teacher Louise Murrey


THIRD GRADE 1950 - 1951  --  teacher Nannie Stone



FOURTH GRADE 1951-1952  --  teacher Helen Decker


Some of the students shown above are:  Carol Eggers, Ruby Fenner, Jim England, Roger Moore, Jerry Jones, Jerry Smith, Clyde Cox, Freddy Lambert, Freddy Carroll, Freddy Caudill, Wayne Blevins, Violet Odem, Marie Blankenship, Mary Call,  and Kathryn Hendricks

Please contact Donnie Skuja if you identify any others.  Thank you.

Thanks to Carol Eggers Barrett for sharing these adorable pictures with us.

Superior/Maitland Junior High 1954-55
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