Those Kids from Carswell Holler

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 Carswell Grade School

Front: Joyce York, Glenna Mullins, Janie Young
     Back:  Carolyn Norris, Greg McMorrow,  Bobby Bird, & Joan York 

Do you remember this adorable little girl from Carswell? 
She's even prettier today. 

The bathing beauties: 
Carolyn Norris, Margie Mullins, & Zelda Mullins. 

Joan York & Elaine Shotto -- 1958 
Is Joan trying to get to Welch already?

Joan, Carolyn & Jeannie

Remember Kangaroo Kourt?

Zelda Mullins,  Snow, 
Carole Melnick & Suzanne Lester

Bobbie Scott, Janie Young, &
Greg McMorrow - On the Hill

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