MORE of those Kids from Carswell Holler
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(presented by Bob Wilson)

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Bob Wilson, Jr Norris, and Jessee Burks in 1947; we were 10 years old.  Jr and Jessee are now gone.  The mountain in back is a huge slate dump that exploded in the 50s taking out several houses and the Carswell grade school. Check out the clothes.


Bob Wilson in 1947 with a new bike from Grogan's Hardware in Kimball.

Carswell pool 1947, Carmela Delegrande, class of '58 in front.

The very beautiful Suretta Pace in a 1953-54 WHS photo wearing her poodle sweater, complete with the poodle dog collar. She lived at Big Four.
(Note:  we recently learned that Suretta passed away in March 1999).



Ronald Bowman and his brother Richard lived next door to me. This picture was taken around 1951. Ronald is emerging from their "bath facility" which looks no different than any other family's bath facility in Carswell at the time. Note the wooden sidewalk.

Photos compliments of  Bob Wilson  who attended  WHS  1953-1954.
Special thanks to Bob Martin  (WHS '53) for assisting with the graphics.

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