MORE of those Kids from Carswell Holler
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(presented by Bob Wilson)

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On the left is Joan Willard, she is holding Patty Snow, boy is Edgar
York, then Eloise Workman, and far right is "Gootch" Willard, this is
1947 and seems to have been some occasion, possibly picture taking day at
the Carswell school.

1947, Carswell school yard. At lower left is Sonny Richardson, 3rd from left is H.G Alexander, 4th from left with hands on chin is Wiley ?, boy in back in white shirt is Paul Workman.
Please let us know if you can identify any of the others.

Teachers at Carswell Grade School in the late 1940s.On the left is Mrs Sam Romeo, 3rd from left is Myra Hurt, 4th is Ada Burton, principal and to her right is Mrs Dupler. Do any of you remember who the other two teachers are?

At the pool in 1947

The kid with his toe in the water, Ronald Kegley, played football for Kimball.  Climbing out of the water is Harold Mitchem.  To the right is the slide and changing rooms, also a playground, and unseen is a covered patio with benches.

Photos compliments of  Bob Wilson  who attended  WHS  1953-1954.

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